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September 2013 Houston Astros Schedule

Date Opponent Time
Sun, 9/1 Mariners 1:10p
Mon, 9/2 Twins 1:10p
Tue, 9/3 Twins 7:10p
Wed, 9/4 Twins 1:10p
Thu, 9/5 at Athletics 9:05p
Fri, 9/6 at Athletics 9:05p
Sat, 9/7 at Athletics 3:05p
Sun, 9/8 at Athletics 3:05p
Mon, 9/9 at Mariners 9:10p
Tue, 9/10 at Mariners 9:10p
Wed, 9/11 at Mariners 9:10p
Fri, 9/13 Angels 7:10p
Sat, 9/14 Angels 6:10p
Sun, 9/15 Angels 1:10p
Mon, 9/16 Reds 7:10p
Tue, 9/17 Reds 7:10p
Wed, 9/18 Reds 7:10p
Thu, 9/19 at Indians 6:05p
Fri, 9/20 at Indians 6:05p
Sat, 9/21 at Indians 5:05p
Sun, 9/22 at Indians 12:05p
Mon, 9/23 at Rangers 7:05p
Tue, 9/24 at Rangers 7:05p
Wed, 9/25 at Rangers 7:05p
Fri, 9/27 Yankees 7:10p
Sat, 9/28 Yankees 6:10p
Sun, 9/29 Yankees 1:10p

August 2013 Houston Astros Schedule

Date Opponent Time
Thu, 8/1 at Orioles 6:05p
Fri, 8/2 at Twins 7:10p
Sat, 8/3 at Twins 6:10p
Sun, 8/4 at Twins 1:10p
Mon, 8/5 Red Sox 7:10p
Tue, 8/6 Red Sox 7:10p
Wed, 8/7 Red Sox 7:10p
Fri, 8/9 Rangers 7:10p
Sat, 8/10 Rangers 6:10p
Sun, 8/11 Rangers 1:10p
Mon, 8/12 Rangers 1:10p
Tue, 8/13 at Athletics 9:05p
Wed, 8/14 at Athletics 9:05p
Thu, 8/15 at Athletics 2:35p
Fri, 8/16 at Angels 9:05p
Sat, 8/17 at Angels 8:05p
Sun, 8/18 at Angels 2:35p
Mon, 8/19 at Rangers 7:05p
Tue, 8/20 at Rangers 7:05p
Wed, 8/21 at Rangers 7:05p
Fri, 8/23 Blue Jays 7:10p
Sat, 8/24 Blue Jays 6:10p
Sun, 8/25 Blue Jays 1:10p
Mon, 8/26 at White Sox 7:10p
Tue, 8/27 at White Sox 7:10p
Wed, 8/28 at White Sox 7:10p
Thu, 8/29 Mariners 7:10p
Fri, 8/30 Mariners 7:10p
Sat, 8/31 Mariners 6:10p

2013 Houston Texans Schedule

July 2013 Houston Astros Schedule

Date Opponent Time
Fri, 7/19 Mariners 7:10p
Sat, 7/20 Mariners 6:10p
Sun, 7/21 Mariners 1:10p
Mon, 7/22 Athletics 7:10p
Tue, 7/23 Athletics 7:10p
Wed, 7/24 Athletics 1:10p
Thu, 7/25 at Blue Jays 6:07p
Fri, 7/26 at Blue Jays 6:07p
Sat, 7/27 at Blue Jays 12:07p
Sun, 7/28 at Blue Jays 12:07p
Tue, 7/30 at Orioles 6:05p
Wed, 7/31 at Orioles 6:05p

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Home Plate & The Houston Aeros

Houston Aeros

Since November of 2008, Home Plate Bar & Grill has been a proud sponsor of the Houston Aeros.


HOUSTON, Texas – The Houston Aeros are proud to have Home Plate Bar & Grill as a partner for the 2008-09 season. Home Plate is a sports bar located in downtown Houston next to Minute Maid Park and is a great place to stop by prior to any event or to watch an out-of-town game.

Home Plate Bar & Grill is located at 1800 Texas Street on the south side of Minute Maid Park. The menu at Home Plate has a lunch menu including a number of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, soups, salads and pasta, a special game-day menu and a wide variety of drinks to choose from.

“We’re extremely excited to have Home Plate Bar & Grill join us for the 2008-2009 season,” said Joe O’Donnell, Aeros’ Director of Broadcasting. “Home Plate Bar & Grill is offering discounts for Aeros fans before and after every game this season and they are just a few blocks away from Toyota Center making this partnership a perfect fit.”

Visit Home Plate’s website for a full menu, directions and specials. Also visit for a complete list of sponsors and any specials they may be offering to you, the fans of the Houston Aeros.